I began my career working on aspects of the European Reformation. My first book was a study of religious refugee communities in the sixteenth century, and since then I have published on the Dutch Revolt, and on the Reformation in Germany, France and England, as well as a general survey history of the sixteenth century. In the last years the focus of my research has shifted towards an interest in the history of communication, and especially the history of the book... read more



Malcolm Walsby is co-director of the AHRC funded Universal Short Title Catalogue project. He was appointed postdoctoral fellow at the University of St Andrews in 2002 before being offered a lectureship in 2007. He was elected to his current position at the Université de Rennes 2 in 2012. Malcolm was educated at the University of Kent at Canterbury. His doctoral research explored "Land, Lineage and Patronage in Late Medieval and Renaissance France... read more



I am currently project manager of the Universal Short Title Catalogue project. Previous to this position, I worked as a research assistant on a Leverhulme sponsored project to catalogue early mathematical editions printed in Europe before 1600 and as a research assistant on a Wellcome Trust sponsored project to catalogue medical books in Northern Europe. In addition, I have provided consulting on a catalogue of British geological editions printed before... read more


Co-ordinator, M. Litt. Book History

My research and publications focus on aspects of the intellectual and cultural history of northern Europe in the sixteenth century; on the Northern Renaissance, the Continental Reformation and Early Modern Science. My first monograph studied Sebastian Münster’s Cosmography, and his work describing and depicting the whole world across the entire sweep of its history. I am working on a jointly-authored book on the biblical scholarship and centres of Reformed... read more



I am a postdoctoral research assistant for the Universal Short Title Catalogue. Within the project ‘Preserving the World’s Rarest Books’, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, I am responsible for the Italian and French printing domain.My research focuses on the history of Italy in the Renaissance, with particular emphasis on Venice... read more



My research interests lie in the sixteenth-century Protestant reformations and the history of the book. I am also interested in the catholic reformation, the development of the Society of Jesus, and how political and economic forces worked in conjunction with theological beliefs during the reformation period.... read more


Jamie Cumby


The Compagnie des libraires and the Development of the Publishing Industry in Lyon: 1502-1562

My research interests lie in the history of the book and the book trade, with particular attention to the cultural and economic networks influencing the development of early modern print. I also have an interest in book design and typography, as well as forms printed for official or individual use (i.e. letters of exchange)... read more

Nora Epstein


Visual Commonplacing: The Transmission and Reception of Printed Devotional Images in Reformed England

The common thread running through my research is a curiosity about how the nebulous status of religious imagery during the long English Reformation impacted book culture. I am particularly interested in the intersections of material culture, print history, and the shaping of protestant identities... read more

Jessica Farrell-Jobst


Thesis Title: Women Printers in the Early Modern German Book Trade: The Case for Nuremberg

My thesis examines the multifaceted roles in which women participated in the early modern book trade. I have chosen to investigate the physical production side of the book trade in order to elucidate the more invisible roles of the craft. Whereas there are well-researched female authors, translators and patrons, women in the more manufacturing roles are largely ignored... read more

Panagiotis Georgakakis


Thesis Title: News, Books and Information in the Huguenot International, 1680-1720

Panagiotis comes from Athens. He was awarded a BA in History and Archaeology from the University of Athens (2011), followed by a M. Phil in Early Modern History from the same (2017). His doctoral research is a study of the socio-cultural history of the French Huguenot communities in Western Europe... read more

Edwin Goi


Thesis Title: Concino Concini, Maréchal d’Ancre: Pamphleteering and Power Politics in Early Modern France, 1610-17.

Edwin Andrew Goi took his M.A. (First Class Hons.) and M.Litt. (Distinction) from the University of St Andrews. His research interests lie in the history of early modern France, primarily of the period between 1559 and 1661. He is interested in the period’s power politics, patronage and clientage, and the role of minister-favourites. Above all, he is interested in the culture and rebellions... read more

Jan Hillgaertner


Thesis Title: Printed newspaper in seventeenth century England, Germany, France and the Netherlands. The Impact of new media functionality on the reader

I am working in the field of newspaper history. I have conducted research within libraries in order to build up a complete and up-to-date bibliography for all printed newspapers between 1605 and 1620. I used this data for my master’s thesis that dealt with the production and the consumption of newspapers... read more

Forrest Strickland


Thesis Title: The Devotion of Collecting. Ministers and the Culture of Print in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic.

Forrest comes from Raleigh, North Carolina. He was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Campbell University (2013), then he received a Master of Divinity from Southern Seminary (2016). His doctoral research examines ministerial book collections in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic... read more

Arthur der Weduwen


Thesis Title: Selling the Republican Ideal. State Communication in the Dutch Golden Age.

Arthur comes from Amsterdam. He was awarded a BA in History and International Relations from the University of Exeter (2014), followed by an M.Litt in Book History from the University of St Andrews (2015). His doctoral research is a study of state communication in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic, focusing specifically on government and municipal attempts to influence public opinion through... read more


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