USTC discusses co-operation with The Royal Library, National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen Unive

| POSTED BY Graeme Kemp |

Project Director Andrew Pettegree travelled to Copenhagen to discuss co-operation with the National Library of Denmark in the planned extension of the USTC to 1650.

The Danish National Library has for many years made the collection of Danica a priority: of the estimated 17,000 Danish imprints and other works by Danish authors known for the seventeenth century the Danish National Library believes it owns around 90%.

The Danish National Library is already co-operating with ProQuest, a USTC partner, to digitize this remarkable collection. Collection 1 in Early European Books consisted of pre-1601 Danish books, and The Royal Library is currently contributing Danica from the seventeenth century. In the coming years the entire collection of incunabula will be digitised. It is hoped to be able to appoint a well-qualified intern nominated by The Royal Library, Copenhagen, to work with the USTC team in St Andrews to help prepare records for the USTC interface.

While in Copenhagen, Professor Pettegree also consulted items from the library’s collections of seventeenth-century German newspapers. The catalogue records concerning The Foreign Collections of the library have been digitized and made available in the online cataloge (, but some specific collections of pamphlets are as yet only recorded in hand-written catalogue slips; these include considerable numbers of Dutch pamphlets, English polemical writings of the Civil War period (not recorded in Wing), Spanish Drama from The Golden Age and Mazarinades. Research librarian Anders Toftgaard is currently working on a research project bearing on the collection of Mazarinades.