Trent Joins Preserving the World’s Rarest Books Programme

| POSTED BY Graeme Kemp |

The municipal library of Trent has joined the group of pilot libraries embarking on the USTC’s new co-operative programme, Preserving the World’s Rarest Books, funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The USTC will co-operate with the library to identify the rarest books in its collection and to set preservation priorities.

This agreement follows the establishment of an earlier partnership between the USTC and STABAT – Stampe antiche della Biblioteca comunale di Trento. STABAT is an online database of all the books published in Trentino between the fifteenth and seventeenth century now in the collections of the municipal library and historical archive of Trent. These two institutions hold 350 of the 668 known editions printed in Trentino between 1481 and 1700. These books are valuables sources for the knowledge and understanding of the administrative, economic and politics of the locality. STABAT records provide bibliographic description, copy specific data and provenance information, and will include digital copies for a total of 32,000 high resolution images of early printed books.

The USTC has added locations and links to STABAT records for fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Trentine editions in the municipal library and historical archive, providing access to 79 full digital copies.  This included 21 brand new records for editions previously unrecorded in the USTC and in the Italian national bibliography Edit16.

The 1601-1650 extension of the USTC, forthcoming in 2016, will include some one hundred records of seventeenth-century Trentine editions with links to STABAT records and to digital copies.

By Flavia Bruni