Book History Sessions at the 2017 Renaissance Society of America Conference

| POSTED BY Graeme Kemp |

It was a huge pleasure to be able have so many excellent sessions in our discipline group at Boston.  I am now beginning the process of soliciting sessions for next year’s meeting in Chicago, 30 March – 1 April 2017.

As discipline representative I am permitted to submit five sessions which are automatically accepted for the programme.  I would be very happy to receive proposals for these sessions.

Your submission should include

- the title of the proposed session

- the names, emails and institutional designations of 3 speakers and 1 session chair

- the titles of the three proposed papers, together with a synopsis of each paper (in not more than 150 words)

- a 100 word narrative CV for each speaker, highlighting recent publications.  This will be made available to the session chair, and form the basis of the chair’s introduction of the speakers at the session.

When complete, collect all this data into a single word file and send this as an attachment to  I would like to set a deadline for this internal process of Monday 23 May 2016.  That will mean that if it is not possible to accept all the sessions proposed under the Book history banner there will still be time for those sessions to meet the general submission deadline.


• Do not nominate a separate commentator for the panel (we prefer to keep the time for questions). 

• PowerPoint facilities will be requested for all books history sessions. Please specify if, in addition, you require live Internet access (not recommended).

• You do not have to be a member of the RSA to submit a proposal, but if the session is accepted all participants (including the session chair) will be required to join the society.

• All papers in book history sessions are given in English.

• Please do not ask the Book History strand to sponsor one session of a themed sequence – they should all go in under the same, collective evaluation process.

Andrew Pettegree

University of St Andrews

RSA Book History Discipline Representative